Easy Like


It’s been the longest stretch of not blogging in a few years and I was starting to get that stick to beat myself with and then I thought well, maybe I’ll just put myself on my sofa with coffee and a blanket and my writing stuff and see what happens. And then I checked to see how long it’s actually been and it’s been ten days. Which in the grand scheme of things is not that long. And it’s longer than is best for me. And I’m sorry if you’ve been missing me. I’ve been missing you.

So, I know what happened. A couple of things:  A) I decided to work on a book book which got me a bit frozen and jammed up.  Plus then B) I got sick, like a cold sick, and my brain got that blank, heavy, cold brain quality where output seems so unappealing and impossible.

It was a really weird cold, the primary symptom of which was extreme exhaustion, like I’d drop off Ax and then just from that come home and need to lie down. Thank goodness other people I know have had the same thing or I’m not sure I would have allowed myself the rest I needed and took.

In fact, the week before I’d been giving heavy phone support to a friend, telling her she had to rest because she was sick, telling her to cancel what could be cancelled and watching her get better, then overdo it and get worse, have a rest day and feel a bit better, then go go and be down again. 

So that was helpful because when I got the thing I really did go down and stay down, except for that one day when I thought I was better, got out and about beyond the minimum, then the next day could barely move. 

But I was much, much better than I could have been — especially in my head with the second-guessing and guilt of non-doing which can crop up.

And now I am better, really better, and writing again. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing dramatic, but back in the saddle, back on the sofa, easy like. So alrighty then. I’m gonna keep going.