Take the Win


Every now and then, well pretty frequently actually, things don’t work out the way I planned them to or perhaps wanted them to. People, situations, and logistics don’t come together as they would if I were the writer/director/producer of my existence.

When I fight that reality, in my mind or in my actions, it makes for a pretty stressed, dissatisfied state of being. When I accept that, “Oh yeah, I’m not running this show, life is unfolding as it is, and I can be dissatisfied with how that is or look at things and decide to take the win.” This plan changed. Great. That person did this thing. Okay. These circumstances wound up being not what I expected. Fabulous.

When I’m in that space, I’m not a doormat as I once feared I’d be. No, I’m actually my strongest self. Strong like the willow that bends but does not break in the storm. Strong like water - yes - going with the flow. Filling the container available without complaint or question. Breathing, a human being among human beings, all of us doing our best, whatever it is. I’m gonna keep going.