Cheese Tortellini Marinara

Ax still eats cheese tortellini marinara every day. He’s trained me to stop trying new foods and I have, mostly. He eats cheese tortellini for lunch and dinner and chocolate chip muffins or chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

On Sundays Mike makes him chocolate chip waffles. On Saturdays he visits my mother and she gives him smoked salmon and toasted bagel, which apparently he eats with gusto. One day he went to her house, opened the refrigerator, and exclaimed, “Where’s the smoked salmon?” quite unsettled, as if her refrigerator generated the tasty fish spontaneously when he appeared. 

She also feeds him bacon, asparagus, and homemade chicken broth. He’ll eat bacon when it’s offered elsewhere but the other stuff seems to be solely situational, at his grandmother’s house, on Saturdays. 

He will also eat raspberries when served with blueberries. He likes to put the blueberries IN the raspberries and marvel at the taste sensation thereby created. He’s proud of his culinary exploits with berries.

Last spring break we had a major dietary upgrade. Mike took him to a snazzy sushi restaurant in San Francisco where our good friend Kibo is sushi chef. When Ax refused to eat anything Kibo sliced up several avocados and served them on a plate with flourish. Ax ate all of it.

So now, at home, I play sushi chef, slicing the avocado and arranging it artfully on a plate. I’ve figured out that presentation counts a lot, and why shouldn’t it? 

I’m gonna keep going.