Seek vs. Strive


I’ll admit it, sometimes - ok oftentimes - a thought comes to me and I write it down before I really know what I’m going to say or do about it.Today is one of those days.And, what I’ve learned is, it’s ok.Or, “it’s all good,” as some would say.I don’t need to have it all figured out, every action, every plot point of every day or year of my life. I can relax and keep going at the same time.

The seeker in me is curious, playful, open to wonder, to surprise, fueled by a natural kind of buoyancy, and joy.  The striver is determined, steadfast, un-distract-able, committed to a certain end, fueled by self-will, fear, ego, ambition, and the rush of going all out towards a desired, known, goal.

Both states of being can be useful, or not. Both states of being can be pleasurable, or not.  Today I’m going to think about which mode I’m in, seeker vs. striver, and whether I’ve selected the right mode for the current situation.  Like, writing a business plan vs. supervising a lego build might call for different states of being.  Maybe I’ll play with staying in seek mode even when I’m adulting and getting stuff done.  That feels kind of baffling and impossible, so it’s probably worth giving a whirl.  I’m gonna keep going.

Thank you.

Sascha Liebowitz1 Comment