The Last Day of Winter Break/Let Go and Lego

I woke up this morning and immediately my frenemy Comparison, the thief of joy,was at me: No Plans for the Last Day of Break!And, all those skiing, beaching, far-off-traveling families just getting home and cooking up healthy snacks for the week or whatever those good, On It, families do — No plans for that either!

At some point before tomorrow morning I’ll find his backpack and that form I was supposed to fill out over break and fill it out.  We have some stuff in the fridge for lunch tomorrow (cheese tortellini and apple slices he won’t eat), and that’s that.

We had a string of out of town visitors this week and enjoyed them a lot. That said, Ax has a very large Lego he’s itching to complete and I promised him today was the day, a blissful, uninterrupted pajama day of building. 

Thing is, that means I’m stuck at home supervising the build (ie staying out of the way yet being on hand when called to assist, plus furnishing snacks).  A day at home is heaven for my child and a tiny bit of hell for me — so many of the shoulds live at home — should declutter everything,  should bake cookies made from farro, broccoli and kelp, should get on that exercise bike, should get on our 2018 taxes (ha!)

Thank goodness for Cleo, who’s become quite demanding lap-wise.  It’s possible that today might be a good day to Lego, pat the cat, read some of those inspirational books, and be grateful I get to be here, now, like this. One option is,  I could let go of everything, tell Comparison to hit the road, breathe in and out, slow the eff down, and be grateful.  I could watch the build and feel grateful, pat the cat and feel grateful, cover myself with a blankie and make some tea and feel grateful. And keep breathing.  Ok, that’s my plan!

I’m gonna keep going.

Thank you.

Sascha LiebowitzComment