Quiet Sitting Magic


A few of my peeps have some kind of comfortable quiet sitting morning ritual.  During their morning sit sesh there might be some inspirational book reading, some pet patting, some gazing out the window as the morning light changes everything, and maybe even some gentle closing of the eyes while deep breathing in and out, listening to that, paying attention to that.

Other optional quiet morning sit activities include shoulder rolling, neck rolling, back arching and flexing, maybe some extended leg foot pointing and flexing and rolling. 

I also like loose fist knocking on my legs, chest, neck, and head to wake stuff up, say hello to the body parts.  It’s a really nice way to start the day if I hold it all very very gently and joyfully, rather than as another task to be accomplished.

My morning sit sesh is also when I do these little essays, clear the mental deck of whatever is burbling up.  For me it’s been a great exercise in letting go of perfectionism and not-good-enough-itis.  Every day, well now not every day but quite regularly, I engage in something I know will be sub-optimal, and I declare it good enough to give to the world, and I give it to the world. 

So far no one has begged me to stop, I’ve not become homeless, obese, or alone.  Whatever fears I’ve had about showing up, doing me as I am, in front of you, have not yet come to pass.  I’m gonna keep going.

Thank you.

Sascha LiebowitzComment