One Minute at a Time


In the program a lot of people say things like, “this too shall pass,” and “one day at a time,” and “start the day over,” and “the past is history, the future’s a mystery, this moment is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.” So the whole New Year’s resolution thing seems kind of, anti-that.  That idea that nothing is ever final, nothing is ever fatal, until I’m actually dead dead, and even then, who knows?

So, as long as I’m breathing there’s definitely a chance.  A chance for me to love this moment, live this moment, taking it for the gift it is: back hurting, foot hurting, gorgeous fountain flowing, epic guitars playing, loved ones loving the way they do, coffee, clean sheets, fizzy water, fuzzy fleece pants, warm socks, snowflakes, seeing people and things as they are, doing their best being here, dying on this dying planet, today. 

What matters to me, today, in 2018, will matter to me tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, in 2019.  Being true to myself, my higher self, the one who knows, who has learned, that my fears, worries, and self-doubt are not the path to a meaningful or enjoyable existence.  The one who knows that patience, tolerance, kindness, and love for myself and for others — especially for the parts of me and of them that are hard to have those things for — that that’s the ticket to freedom, ease, usefulness, and yes, even joy.

And for me it’s a daily trudge.  It’s not habitual — yet.  Maybe someday it will be and maybe I’ll just keep getting the benefits of trying my best, day by day, moment by moment, not out of habit but out of consistency, commitment, and faith.  Either way, it’s a heck of a path. 

I’m gonna keep going.

Thank You

New York highlight — Auntie Beth! 

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