My Friend ...


Every now and then someone comes to me and says something like, “I have a friend who’s drinking way too much, what should I do?”And they’ll tell me some consequences that have happened, trouble with the friend’s work, family, or health giving “clues” that something has to change.There’s been an incident.

But for the friend of a friend who needs to sober up it can be a lot easier to see that the drink, the drug, the pills are the key contributors to the friend’s problems. 

To the drinking/using friend, at least when I was the friend, the mind-altering substances felt like the only thing holding me up in the face of the problems. 

The way it worked for me, and the way it works for others I’m told, is that it had to get bad enough that I was desperate for any solution — even getting sober. 

I’m thankful I didn’t need to go where some people need to go for it to be bad enough for me to give the meetings, the program, the whole deal a whirl.  It has worked for me.  If you are that friend who’s friends have told you to maybe think about cutting down, mellowing out, taking a break, etc. etc.

Or maybe you’re the friend whose job, spouse, family, health are not as happy for you as you’d like them to be and you just can’t figure out why ... if you’re that friend the way so many of my friends and I used to be that friend, then you are not alone.  Come join us.

I’m gonna keep going.

Thank You.

Sascha Liebowitz1 Comment