Gloves Off


It’s time for me to soften up even more.  That’s where the next green shoot of growth will come.  In the soft heart that loves and beats without any effort on my part.  It just comes.

There’s no need for me to walk around in boxing gloves.  The world, the people in it, are not on the attack.  And I don’t need to prove that I’m tough, that I don’t need anyone or anything to feel okay.  That’s not true.

I do.  I need love, I need community, acceptance, friendship, playmates.  I need all that.  And I have it, in the mouse holes that aren’t mouse holes. 

So taking the gloves off.  No need to be constantly prepared for disaster.  And if it comes, this soft heart will stay soft, and I’ll trust that to get me through it.  I’m gonna keep going.

Thank you.

Sascha Liebowitz1 Comment