Cul de Sacs and Other Nice Ideas

I like cul de sacs, conceptually.  I imagine it would be nice to live in a family-heavy neighborhood with grass-flanked sidewalks where kids walk their dogs and toddlers roam free.   I can imagine people playing in front yards, perhaps pick-up games of driveway hopscotch and H.O.R.S.E ensuing.  Kids running to each others’ houses, parent friends barbecue-ing together in the Summer.

I didn’t grow up in that kind of scene, and it’s only recently that I’ve seen it firsthand, visiting friends who live in that type of environment.  It’s intoxicating, the idea of easy living, bigger houses, bigger yards, more space.  I guess that’s why people so often do that city to cul de sac migration, especially after kids.

We haven’t, not yet.  And I love where we live which is kind of beach town village-ish.  Not cul de sac, not rural, not urban, but we like it.  There are a lot of nice places to live it turns out.  A lot of nice things about a lot of different places.  I’m gonna keep going.