It’s All Thunder Mountain to Me

It’s all Thunder Mountain — do it, don’t do it, do it and enjoy it, do it and be terrified the whole time, but then be glad I did it even if during it I was kinda terrified, kinda having fun, notice the having fun part and pay attention to that part just a teeny bit more than the terrified part, maybe.  Or maybe just stay home.  Mike is reading a book by some neurobiologist, and likes to apply it to me and my states of being at sometimes interesting, sometimes really misguided moments.  Like, “Oh the book I’m reading talks about what you’re experiencing.  It says mental health is when you can balance between rigidity and chaos without going to the extremes.”

“EFF YOUR EFFING BOOK,” I want to say.  “I’m not struggling with rigidity, I just want you to wash the effing stir fry pan, or at least soak it, rather than leaving it for me to do next week.” 

But actually Mike is quite good about the dishes.  And everything else.  So I don’t say that at all.  Instead I say, “Wow, that’s very interesting — chaos and rigidity.  Thanks for making stir fry, my love.”

And then we have a nice meal.  Thunder Mountain.  How am I going to meet the ride today?  I’m gonna keep going.