This Too Shall Pass

It’s become such a comfort to me to know that whatever is going on or however I’m feeling, it’s not going to be that way forever.  There will be relief from darkness.  The trick is to hang in there and keep going.   I know some stuff that helps.  Reaching out.  Eating protein.  Walking gently or sitting in nature.  Looking at plants or trees, petting our cat Cleo, breathing.

Weirdly, an enhanced awareness that “this too shall pass” gives me some kind of umph to appreciate the fleeting “good times” too.  It’s like — “Yo, Sascha! Take note! Savor! Delight! Think! Feel!”

I mean really.  When I pause and just notice what’s happening right now: coffee, warm blanket, comfy chair, a body I get to inhabit that breathes and moves and makes amazing scrambled eggs — how bizarre! How wonderful!  

And this too shall pass.  Tomorrow or five minutes from now something will take me from that place of gratitude and ease and wonder.  And then when that happens I’ll hopefully remember that will pass too, and not perpetuate my misery by chasing happiness in the form of new sofas, new businesses, new diets, or whatever else that I know know know aren’t the thing.  Like when a big wave takes me down it’s best to hold my breath and pop up again rather than try to swim against it.

Hopefully when the dark comes I’ll eat some eggs, take a walk, take care of what needs to be taken care of — the minimum — and keep going.  Do some light stretching and take a bath.  Meditate.  Or binge watch something.

But today.  Today I’m feeling good and it’s time for Mike’s chocolate chip waffles and LEGO-building.  I’m gonna keep going.