Chocolate Chip Muffin Training

Ax only eats cheese tortellini marinara and chocolate chip muffins these days.  Occasionally he will eat an asparagus tip.   I tried to game the system by making super-healthy muffins with not that many

chips in them this time, but two days running he’s picked out the chips and left the uneaten muffin carcasses on his plate. 

“Honey, why didn’t you eat your whole muffin?”

“I only like the chip part.”

“The last batch you ate the whole muffin.”

“I know.  I ate them to get the chips.”

“If I put more chips in these muffins will you eat them?”


And that’s how I found myself inserting extra chips into already-baked muffins in the kitchen and bringing them out to him, wondering, just a little bit, if I’d fallen into some kind of parental slavery sink hole.  But then I realized I was okay and it was okay to give him a few extra chips.

He’s still going to leave a decent amount of good muffin stuff on his plate — The chips are easier to pick out when they’re not baked right in and melted into the almond flour and flax seed batter.  But at least he’s eating something somewhat nutritious.

Evie would have me starve him to death until he eats eggs or oats or sautéed kale for breakfast.  She wants me to oatmeal train him.  But instead, he’s muffin training me.  

Where do I draw the line?  Somewhere, but not here.  Not today.  This weekend we drew the line at slushees. No slushees, yes chocolate chip muffins.  

And what about me?  Am I allowing myself the muffins that I deserve, that I need?  Or is it all-kale-all-the-time, until it’s not?  How could I add a little sweetness for myself today in a healthy way?  I’m gonna keep going.