Hello Darkness

Last night Mike, Ax, a bunch of kindergarten friends and their parents, and I went to see Katy Perry who gave a special benefit concert here for the mudslide recovery efforts, and is giving a generous amount to Ax’s school.   The kids “chalked” their hair different colors.  Ax dressed himself in his new orange camo pants and school shirt.  I retrieved my old pink motorcycle jacket from the giveaway pile to enliven the black leggings/sneakers look.  Mike had his Grateful Dead hoodie and binoculars.  We were ready to party.

The concert was fab.  Ax was transfixed, in love with the music, the vibe, Katy, and all his amped up friends.  At some point in the middle of the show she took a break to run a video of what happened here.  The trauma.  The destroyed houses.  I didn’t want to see that.  Not in the middle of the fun.  I wanted Teenage Dream and Roar and Last Friday Night and I Kissed a Girl, which she gave us, but I wanted only that.  No darkness please.  

But there is darkness.  There is darkness and there is light and they’re happening all at the same time.  Terrible things are going on right now somewhere.  And right now I’m lying outside under pink passionflower vines in full bloom while my dudes sleep off our late night.  I wonder where you are right now?

I’m gonna keep going.