I was with my friend Sunshine the other day.  “Hey let’s get a vanilla latte!” I said, because I know she likes vanilla lattes.  I’m more of a dark roast drip person. “Oh, I’m off those,” she said.  “No more vanilla lattes for me.”  I got it.  

It’s easier for me to cut some stuff out completely rather than cut it back.  Just like, after a bit, it’s easier for me to do heavy physical yoga every day than three times a week, and light stretching the other days.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I tweaked my ankle doing yoga this week.  The other ankle.  

And I’m so bummed because I was on such a good roll with it, the physical practice part and the feeling good in my body part.  The feeling strong part.

But I bumpered.  Hit the outside limit, overdid it, and now I’m benched, icing and elevating, at the other extreme.  Grrrr.  Learning that same lesson over and over again.

So the progress is I am icing and elevating.  And it’s not going to take me out for very long.  I can feel it.  

I didn’t slam into the bumper, just tapped it, and now I’m making the right decisions to get back in the game, back to that center of the This Life bowling alley, away from the bumpers, maybe veering this way and that, but on a narrower path.  A more sustainable trajectory.  

I’m gonna keep going.