Fatal vs. Non-Fatal

When Ax was not yet two-years-old I realized that I was going to have to start thinking in terms of potentially fatal and non-fatal exploration to be the kind of parent I wanted to be.  Plus stay relatively sane. Possibly Fatal: Running into traffic, playing with kitchen knives, hurling rocks at sliding glass doors, throwing rocks at people.  

Non-fatal: Falling while walking or running, falling while climbing on sofas, spilling stuff, mess, breaking toys, breaking other things/taking items apart, “I just want to see how it works,” wearing weird outfits, eating with hands, eating only avocado for a week, then eating only mac and cheese for a month, playing with kids’ scissors, decorating one’s own body with magic markers, hurling rocks at the ground.  The list goes on.

I think it might be useful for me to think about what non-fatal risks might be worth taking to enjoy a bigger life?  Or, more accurately, to have a bigger joy with this life?  

Like that corporate gift paperweight someone gave me that said, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”  I’m gonna keep going.