Drop the Story

Stuff happens, then my brain makes up a story about it.  Sometimes the story makes me feel good, sometimes bad.   I’m practicing a practice that involves dropping the story — noticing it in my brain, in my body, breathing through it until it dissolves.  This practice helps me stay neutral.  

From a place of neutrality the next right action emerges naturally, organically, with clarity.  It’s not the twisting, efforting, chess-game style decision-making process I engage in so frequently.  

If I’m out of story, in neutral, I have a better chance of asking myself: “What’s going on here?”  And engaging in reality.  In reality I’m a person and everyone else is a person and no one is a dragon or the holder of the keys to my happiness and neither am I.    It’s a coexistence game.

I have to be willing to recognize that “good stories” and “bad stories” come from the same over-active brain habit.  If I want less of the bad stuff as a means of self-inflicted pain, I need to be willing to drop the pursuit of the good stuff as a means of fulfillment.

It’s not out there.  It’s in here.  I’m gonna keep going.