Longtime Beginner

The message I need to hear, today, again, is that it’s ok to be resistant and keep going anyway. It’s ok to be uncertain and forge ahead. It’s ok to even be bored, dissatisfied, or jaded and keep going. Like watching Ax learn to walk — he’d fall, look confused, get back up. Fall, giggle, look around, get back up. Fall, be shocked. Try again. Again, again, again. He didn’t get discouraged. He didn’t get down. He just kept going.

Did he know it would be awesome to be mobile? Or did he keep doing it just because?

Is there any way I could bring that same kind of freshness to my life, knowing all that I know, having experienced all that I’ve experienced?

Hopefully, some day, I will look back on this day and marvel at how young and maybe even innocent I am, now. What would older me want for today me?

Enjoy the day. Enjoy my youth. Enjoy getting up, again, again, again.

I’m gonna keep going.