Ranch Camp

Yesterday was Ax’s first day of spring break ranch camp. When I picked him up at the designated park I asked, “How was your day?” “Great!” He said.

“Wonderful! Tell me about it.” But he’d already run off with his friends into the field near the pick-up point.

I stood there watching them, holding his backpack and two long sticks he’d collected during the day. The sun filtered through the Oak trees onto the green clover field where the kids had set to picking the yellow-tipped sour grass.

Some of the kids were sucking on the grass, some were harvesting and bringing it back to a central rock location. They were busy.

After less than ten minutes the other parents had collected their kids. But Ax and his friends I was picking up stayed.

I heard his friend Sherry ask, “Ax is it ok if you’re the daddy?”

“Sure!” He replied. And they kept working their imaginary game.

I stood by like a mama lion. Ready to help if they asked for it. Happy to quietly witness, and of course take photos, while staying out of the way.

Eventually, an hour or so later, Sherry said she was hungry. We all decided to head home and have dinner. PB&J.

I never got the story of what happened at camp. But I’m glad my kid seems happy and I’m glad I get to do this the way I’m doing it. I’m gonna keep going.