Evac minus one: We’re All Red

It’s official. We’re all red. Meaning everyone is in a mandatory evac zone, even the areas formerly known as yellow, like us. Meaning, everybody out by noon tomorrow. We were gonna get out anyway but in a weird way it’s more relaxing to get out knowing we’re red. There’s no need for second-guessing, the inane internal dialogue that favors inaction, staying put: “Well, it probably wouldn’t stay flooded for more than a day or two? We’re a little up a hill so if we just stayed in our house and didn’t go out, we could be fine for a few days without utilities, Suzie thinks it’s really unlikely anything will happen on our street ....”

Not playing that game. We’re red. Grab the muffins, take the humidifier, pre-prepare tortellini marinara and take that for Ax’s dinner. I’ll get myself some take out somewhere tomorrow rather than spending a ton of money on food he won’t want to eat in a restaurant neither of us will want to be in.

I am looking forward to the end of rainy season. I am hoping no one is hurt over the next few days. I am grateful to have warnings, clear direction on what to do. I am grateful Ax is excited to go to his evac school campus across town.

I’m gonna keep going.