Evac Minus 2: Serenity Prayer-ing the Storm

It’s sunny outside and the news is in. The worst storm since the big slide will hit Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. It’s Sunday. I am not even thinking about that elegant, even-keeled, serene lady who has her second set of toiletries, vitamins, and meds, her 3 coordinated outfits, along with travel pillow, ear plugs, eye mask, electric tea kettle, and instant coffee all ready to go in one compact case. That lady for whom mobilizing in the face of threat is No Big Deal.

There’s no time for regret about not being that lady, or about not having Ax perfectly pre-mobilized either. Mike and Ax are out enjoying Sunday and this is my pre-evac chance to drink tea and elderberry syrup and get well before we get out.

Good news/bad news is the creeks have their preferred path cleared already so we know or think we know where the water will run. And hopefully those near the creeks will get out.

Bad news is, now with unimpeded paths, the flow will likely run pretty fast, deathly fast, and with a higher likelihood of “flash flooding” at the bottom of the basin, where our village’s main street is, and the 101 freeway, and an enclave of beachside residences, along with the Four Seasons Hotel, now scheduled to reopen in June, I think.

Anyway so it’s evac time again and I’ve got Cleo on my lap, tea and zinc lozenges by my bedside, and the sound of helicopters scoping things out above our house.

I can’t change that a storm is coming, or that it’s predicted to be a bad one. But I can bring muffins and coffee with us this time. And I can hold thoughts for the safety of my family, my community, and all beings in my heart. So.

I’m gonna keep going.