Day 20/ Day 51: Bit by Bit

We went home yesterday. We didn’t move our stuff home but Mike, Ax, and I went home for the afternoon and hung out a bit and it was a little weird but okay. Ax reconnected with some toys while Mike and I lounged on our very own sofa. We didn’t touch the faucets. Afterwards I thanked Mike for encouraging us, me, to take full advantage of our 1-month lease across town. Our house is okay but the whole boil-only water thing is sub-optimal. Since we can avoid it we’re gonna. I have no idea why I feel guilty or defensive about that but I do.

It’s not just avoid the water at home for drinking, but for cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, brushing teeth, bathing. My friend Athena has a rash all over her body from showering in hyper-chlorinated water, or maybe pre-chlorinated water, which is supposed to be okay as long as you don’t get it in your orifices.

No thanks.

So today we’re still in the rental house that we were so lucky to get. I read in our local update there are something like 400 homes not habitable at all right now, and the rental market was bad before this. So maybe that’s why I have some guilt, which I need to keep turning to gratitude.

Today I will maybe go hike a trail on this side of town. Mike will make chocolate chip waffles and then take Ax to feed the ducks at the downtown duck pond as is their Sunday regular.

And then we will take it from there. Bit by bit. I think Mike has to travel again tonight but he will be back. We will be safe here while he’s gone. I’m gonna keep going.