Family Photo Prep and Other Honors

My sister Rosie is getting professional photos of her family for the first time tomorrow. I FaceTimed with her this morning to pick which of the several blue shirt options she had for her two boys and her husband and which of the several dark grey tops she had for herself would look best. The reality is that all the shirts were pretty similar, and they all looked good to me, but I stayed on the phone while she laid the choices on the bed across the country from me and I thumbs-upped and thumbs-downed them. I was not facilitative. I was big sister-style directive: “Not that one, yes that one, return that one.”

I know that now that we’re off the phone she’s going to wear whatever she wants to anyway, and quite likely the boys are going to wind up in something completely different from what we selected. And that’s fine with me. What a delight and honor it is to get to be involved in my family from across the country. I’m really glad I got to share that outfit-picking moment, and whatever other moments I get to share.

Rosie’s family is beautiful, happy, healthy, loving, and that’s gonna come out in the photos whether they wear heathered light blue or steel grey or navy. And Rosie is beautiful, even when, even when she wears the billowy mumus she’s attracted to sporting despite repeated instructions not to from me, Delish, and even her husband.

So the pictures, the result of the prepping process, will be beautiful. I hope she and her family enjoy the process of getting ready for them as much as I have. We are so lucky to be a young, loving, healthy family. I’m going to enjoy it right now.