Mind the Gap

Yom Kippur starts tonight at sunset and ends tomorrow night. It’s the Jewish day of atonement, the other really big one, the one where we’re supposed to not eat anything, wear white, and not wear perfume or lotion, plus go to services. I may go to services and I won’t wear perfume since I don’t normally, but I’m probably not going to fast, just eat light, and I’m not going to wear white since everything I own is black and that’s how it is. The Universe will understand.

I will think about the gap between how I am and how I could be, what I do and what I could do to be of service to others and to my truer/higher/whatever self. That unfulfilled potential.

For example, I went to this thing last night with Mike that was basically telling me what I already knew which is that meditating is really, really, really good for us. Any kind of meditating, any kind that I actually will do, will help my brain and my nervous system, increase focus, reduce stress, increase recovery from stress, decrease tendencies toward depression and anxiety, increase emotional buoyancy.

I know it’s true, because I’ve had long stretches of time where I meditated every day and I felt a lot happier, mellower, clearer. And I’m not talking hours in lotus, I’m talking three minutes in a chair. Anyway, I want that again. I’m gonna go for it. Three minutes. Right now. Here I go. Now.