The Goodies

More and more I’m not showing up for people and situations that don’t feel awesome for me. It’s a big edit. I’m not talking about abandoning actual friends in need or bailing on commemorating major life events, I’m talking about not being available for lunch, that committee meeting, that dinner party, that moms’ night out.

And I’m also not talking about isolating, because if I’m not doing that I’m probably hanging out with my hubby and my kid, or maybe one other family or one other friend, or maybe a good book or show. Something lower key, something that needs less gearing up for, something that just happens without a lot of thought about what I’m going to wear.

Ideally all situations would feel that way I suppose. Easy. But they don’t. There’s plenty of stuff to do that isn’t so easy for me that I don’t need to add on non-easy stuff in the category of playtime.

Playtime is playtime. It’s supposed to feel good. I’m supposed to, I’m allowed to, feel wonderful, light, free. I’m gonna get on that now.


Three minute quiet sit, eyes closed starts now – breathe in, breathe out, repeat.