I’m Alive!!!

So on my birthday the temptation is to do some kind of stock-taking.  Here are some goals I’ve been working, not in order:

  • Help More People Feel More Better

  • Be Part of Solution for Climate Crisis and Humanitarian Crisis

  • Keep My Own House in Order (Self, Family, Community, Mind/Body/Spirit)

  • Stay Sober and Help Others Who Want to Get/Stay Sober

So.  That’s kind of a lot, if I think about maxing out on each of these things, but if I think about what I’ve been doing, actually, and then just, perhaps ramping up in one or two spots or at least being a bit more conscious that these are my purpose, seeing how the weighting in each area is, whether some rebalancing is in order, then maybe when I look back at this year next year I’ll have that happy “I did my best” kind of feeling, the one I have now, rather than that, “I coulda woulda shoulda” feeling.  I have done my best this year.  

And that’s my plan for next year too, to do my best, as me, where I’m at, with what I’ve got.  To be purposeful with this precious life I’ve been given.  To enjoy it, to be useful, to let life be as good as it can be and as good as it is, as it is.  Even with everything.  Even that.  I’m alive!!! Still!!! Wow. I’m gonna keep going.

Sascha Liebowitz