Summer Dreams

This Summer my dream is that I enjoy Ax’s company when I have it. That I stay calm and accepting in the face of marathon lego sessions, sofa cushion fort-building and destroying, loud cartoons, and rejections of my offers for outings to the beach, zoo, playground, hiking trails, tennis courts or any other outdoor wholesome activities.

My kid is a homebody. He likes to stay home when he can. Now maybe my perception is skewed because during the school year there is so much required being out — school — that when he has the chance to be home he wants it. 

Maybe after a week or two of just allowing him to be home he’ll get bored and want to explore. 

He says he’s allergic to sun, it makes him sneeze. And he’s kind of right, it does. He says he doesn’t like it too hot out, which our gorgeous summer 80’s qualify for. He’s probably willing to do some coloring and collaging, some muffin baking and avocado slice arranging, and if we have a play date he’ll get in the pool. But that’s it. 

So I’m nervous that I’m going to kick into “it’s not okay for him to prefer lego tinkering alone in his room to climbing trees at nature camp” and try to force him into something.

There’s this fine line between offering up options, exposing him to new experiences, and just teaching him that how he is and what he likes is not good enough and not okay. And he is so okay. He’s magnificent. As he is. And so am I. And so are you. 

I’m gonna keep going.