Swagger Flats


So there is nothing like a pair of sexy shoes to elevate my mood.  Thing is, with my well-documented foot issues, the traditional elements of the sexy shoe have been unwearable to me.  And yet.  With the help of my professionally fabulous friend Olga I found a pair that I can wear.

They are totally flat, have an enclosed heel, and are wide enough for my particular foot shape. 

Of course even so I need to make certain modifications.  After two years exclusively in pillowy sneakers with socks it’s a big shift to go hard-soled and strappy.

But man, it’s worth it.

I wore them yesterday with a slightly elevated jersey pajama look and got about 10,000 compliments.  Not on the shoes, only a couple of people noticed the shoes specifically.  I got compliments on the whole look. 

I know it was the shoes though, because the shoes made me smile.  The shoes made me swagger in a way that is just different from the swagger one musters in pillow sneakers.  And I like to swagger.

So I’m fired up for spring.  I’ll have to do the math on exactly how much I can wear these things before bleeding and/or skeletal agony ensue, but I’m willing.  Whatever that completely personal algorithm of discomfort-to-desired projected identity-to new shoe smiley feeling is, these meet it.  I’m gonna keep going!