Comfy Chair + Cat Practice


I could not be luckier than I am right now.  I’m in my comfy chair, with my comfy blanket, and my cat Cleo kneading my lap in preparation for an epic morning sit.  She is the best mindfulness coach ever.

I’ve noticed many people do some kind of morning ritual, a centering thing, even a prayer, every day.  They say it helps them, over time, return to the state of being they want to live in more automatically, more of the time, regardless of external circumstances. 

Like if I practice being in that peaceful, un-jumbled, non-brain-racy state here, in the comfy chair with a cat on my lap, it will be easier to go there, stay there, when the external circumstances change. 

Imagine! If I could keep my heart rate the way it is now, easy, the breath easy, the mind clear but soft, easy, all through the day, just today.  Or maybe just notice when it’s not that and gently bring it all back to that comfy chair place, easily, softly, and see what happens.

I’m gonna keep going.

Sascha LiebowitzComment