Future-Tripping and the Cleo Cure

I love dogs.  If you have a dog, I’m happy for you.  We have a cat.  She’s rather dog-like I believe, in that she comes to greet us when we come home, likes attention all the time, and is rather interactive.

She’s not one of those stand-offish cats you hear about.  The ones who just sleep and loaf and eat.  She’s part of the family.  Little soft cute flea-free Cleo.

Anyway, this morning I was having a mini future trip into today.  It’s a fully packed schedule and while it all seemed okay and necessary when I scheduled it, today I’d really prefer to eat pop chips in bed all day.  Or at least, have a bit more coffee, smoothie, chill time before back-to-back begins.

So I’m thinking of how can I get out of my various commitments while I’m drinking my smoothie and my coffee and gazing out my perfectly adequate window waiting for the morning bird show to begin when I realize I’m having my chill time now and kinda ruining it with worrying about not having chill time.

WTF.  So I breathe in and breathe out and decide to be where I am now, which is a concept I invented and am hopefully going to patent and sell, license, or franchise imminently BTW, or not. 

And the breathing and the being here now thing works well.  And then the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the serenity slam dunk:  Cleo comes and climbs on my lap, does her kneading cat thing for a moment, and plops down, totally at ease and purring.  A warm, furry, purring guide. 

I can learn from her: Pause, breathe, be.  It’s another day.  I can do it.  I want to do it.  But this way, in ease, not that other way, all jacked up.  And I can.  I’m gonna keep going. 

Thank you.


Sascha LiebowitzComment