It’s not the Sofa


The initial joy-like feeling after purchasing the big white down sectional has worn off.  Its lovely linen slip cover is wrinkled and floppy.  The bright whiteness has dimmed with the dust of daily existence in our non-pristine real life home, and the plush plush plush cushions which lent themselves to blissful, mushy, lounging in the showroom have revealed themselves to be not so fabulous for actual sitting.

And even though I imagined myself as someone who only wants to lounge in plush plush plush-ness all the time, the truth is sometimes sitting up is preferable.  For example while drinking coffee and blogging on my phone in the morning.

So the firmmer, less fabulous seating we have has been moved to the main area, and plushy big white sectional has been split up and moved into secondary positions where hopefully I will actually lounge some time, in real life, though probably not today.

  Today is more of a sitting up day.  And I’m grateful I get to both lounge and sit up in this life and that I want to do both.  I’m gonna keep going.

Thank you.

Sascha LiebowitzComment