One Smoothie at a Time


Today’s Smoothie: 1 bunch of kale, 1 golden apple, 1 handful ground flax seed, 1 dash of magnesium, 1 splash of Ripple pea protein milk (unsweetened), water.

I am feeling better with this morning smoothie routine so the trick is to keep going with it one smoothie at a time, day by day.

There are plenty of things like that for me — stretching, walking, getting in the water, meditating, praying, practicing gratitude, practicing pausing, practicing breathing deeply in and out, practicing all that Don Miguel Ruiz stuff ... it’s a lot, until it’s not. 

Until it’s habit, and maybe even after it’s habit for some of us (me), it’s a lot to take care of myself well, consistently, day after day, even when this thing is happening or that really really big thing is happening, or this person would prefer I were XYZ.  Or  especially when I am that person who would prefer I were XYZ and not what I am, which is a person who needs daily smoothies and all the other stuff to run optimally.

Nothing is more important for me than to take care of this body, this mind, this spirit I’ve been given.  This being I call “me” is like a baby kitten, or an exotic tiger, or a coral reef, this mind-body-spirit, my is-ness, needs care and attention, daily.  It’s a living thing. 

And I get to control my inner ecosystem, which to some extent influences my perception of my outer ecosystem, which to some extent helps or hurts my foot, my back, my relationships, my ability to be of service to others.  That’s my experience.  It really is.  Thank you, Universe, for this life as it is and this is-ness as it is.  I’m gonna keep going.

Thank you.

Sascha LiebowitzComment