The New Normal

nov 10 new normal.jpg

There’s a fire a few towns  south of us and a really big fire north of us, far north.   My friend Jazmine evacuated  to our place the night before last and hung out at our kitchen table most of the day trying to work from her laptop pretending to be normal.

It’s discombobulating, the threat of fire, actual fire.  Something like seven thousand homes, or rather “structures” have already been lost up north.  A whole town, where randomly two of my friends brothers and their families live.  

So the brothers will maybe come down here maybe resettle somewhere else.  In the early days it’s about clothing, shelter, food, not big life plans.

So brushing teeth last night in our clean tap water, the heat on, no threat of natural or other disaster apparent, was particularly sweet.  I feel particularly grateful for today’s safety and comfort.

And tomorrow, who knows?  This seems to be the new normal, and it’s not getting better.  My friend Aphrodite said the really scary thing for her was talk of the Big One — the big earthquake, which the earth heating up makes more likely somehow.  

I said the way I’d prepare for that is cyanide pills.  She thought that was morbid.  Perhaps.  But seriously, none of us knows what will happen tomorrow.  

And I’m not going to live today dreading disaster.  Today I’m going to appreciate the bird show, try to be of service to someone or something, and keep going.  That’s the gig.  I’m gonna keep going.