The Bird Show

Nov 8.jpg

I’m sitting on the new white sectional watching little black birds fly against the pale grey white early morning misty sky.  A gang of black flapping dots, cruising around, doing their thing. I used to watch this bird show all the time from my favorite morning chair, but then when we got the new white sectional, the new white sectional went where the old chair used to be and the old chair moved to a different place altogether.  A place comfortable enough to sit and write, but with no view of the bird show.  

And my morning body moved with the old chair rather than enjoying the show from the new white sectional.  For many reasons.

I like the new sofa, don’t get me wrong.  Rather, I should say, it doesn’t plummet me into despair when I gaze upon it, as the old green and brown sodas used to.  It looks nice.  So that is a plus.  But it’s not as good a spot to watch the bird show from as the spot I used to have.

So after all that striving for a new white sectional, the realization once again, that external upgrades garner only so much joy.  Not much, and so fleeting.  But the birds are still chirping and flying around and so am I.  

So one option just for today would be to simply have a nice time with it.  To smile and say, yup, that’s me, that’s my flock, that’s my life.  Pretty effing great, actually.

I’m gonna keep going.