Time to Paint

I’ve been staring at the big blank white wall in our living room for a while now, wondering what kind of painting would look best there.  I can see a lot of options, color schemes, scenes, moods, in my mind’s eye. I thought I’d settled on one that had stuck with me for quite a while.  I was ready to buy the big canvas and get to work in my backyard art studio (the yard, with a tarp on the ground).  

But then, no.  Re-thinking the size, the colors, the vibe, and knowing that for me, my untrained hand, thinking is the enemy of creativity.  I just have to put brush on canvas and go.  And then something happens.  

One block to getting going may be the painting that currently hangs on the nearby wall.  It is rather large (4’x8’) and full of energy.  It looks upbeat, greens and pinks and reds.  But I know I painted it in the throes of high school torment.  

Like resorting to prayer for some people, I’ve historically taken to painting only when things seem really tough.  And things aren’t tough right now.  Not for me, personally, in my bubble.  In the world, yes.

So maybe that’s why it’s time to paint.  To relieve and release some of all of that.  Yes.  I don’t know what it will be but it’s time to do something.  I’m gonna keep going.