Hope and Action

oct 9 hope and.jpg

I’m not worried about our son Ax being falsely accused of rape when he grows up.  Just like I’m not worried about him being falsely accused of theft, murder, or tax evasion.   I’m not afraid of him being falsely accused of those things because we have been teaching him, and will continue to teach him, respect for other people and their belongings.  We have taught him, and will continue to teach him, golden rule stuff, we are all in this together stuff, basic stuff about how kindness feels good for the giver and the recipient of the kindness.  Essential life skills for people living in community with others.  

Which is all of us.

So I’m not worried about that for him.  I’m worried about whether or not he will have fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and non-toxic land to inhabit.  I worry that with de-regulation my generation’s greed and sloth will rob him and his friends of a hospitable habitat.  

I worry about the weather.  Climate change.  I worry that “hundred” and “thousand year” events have been coming every couple of years.  

I worry about the suffering that will result when our already inequitable health care and education systems are made more inequitable.  I worry about more fellow human beings dying so that other people can have more money.  

And I have hope.  What goes down must come up.  I am not alone.  We are not at the end of human history, but somewhere in the middle.  We are part of it.  We are making it.  Today.  November 6.  

So we will continue to teach Ax right from wrong.  We will continue to teach Ax to stand up for himself and for those who for whatever reason are less fortunate or weaker than he is at the moment.  

And we will vote, donate, and take actions we can to move things in the direction of peace, tolerance, kindness, and love for ourselves and for others.  Hope and action.  Hope and action.

I’m gonna keep going.