Frozen Chocolate Greek Yogurt Pop Fail

oct 5 frozen choc.jpg

Ax took one nibble, made a face as if having been poisoned, and requested ice cream. I sighed, my hopes for a healthy treat dashed.

Mike was already serving up the good stuff. Vanilla McConnell’s with chocolate sauce. Small portions, reasonable portions. Inside my head Evie piped up, “Small portions of poison! Small portions of death!”

“Are you having any?” Mike asked while scooping.

“No, I’m still eating my salad.” Literally, that is what I said, in real life. I had a big bowl of lettuce while my dudes prepared to float on pillowy clouds of fat and sugar.

I could have joined them, but I really didn’t want to. I can’t eat like that, it makes me feel awful. Physically, mentally. It’s just not worth it for me. But the two of them seemed to feel really really good. Ax licked the bowl and still went to bed on time. Life continued normally.

I’m not gonna get Ax treats that aren’t treats anymore. A treat for him is not the same as a treat for me. He’s okay, and so am I. I’m gonna keep going.