Ax Eats Eggs

aug 27 ax eats.jpg

Ax has increased his dietary options by 25% with the addition of the fried egg.  He prefers the egg cooked over easy, quite soft, to enable the puncturing of the yolk and the oozing of the yellow into a pleasing lake of goo.  Post-puncture (by his hand) the preparation process proceeds with my cutting up the entire egg into tiny pieces that become coated in the yolk and molded into a kind of yolky yellow tower.   Ax examines this stage of the prep before stabbing the tower with his implement and drawing a bite to his sweet mouth. “Delicious!”  He chirps, chomping and smiling.  Something primal in me purrs with joy — my young cub receives nourishment from me and all is well.  The line will keep going.  We will survive.  Today we are safe.  

I got this.  I’m gonna keep going.