All is Well

“I am flexible and flowing.  I bend and flow with ease and all is well.”  - Louise Hay’s mantra for knee pain

It’s day 4 of knee pain, some kind of bursitis something my sister Rosie the physical therapist says.  Rest, ice, elevate, anti-inflammatories, repeat until pain subsides.  Don’t exercise on it.  

I’m fine with all that, except that I’m not.  Hurting hurts my brain.  Not exercising hurts my brain.  And when my brain hurts everything hurts.  And I suffer and those around me suffer.  Me no likey.

So.  So.  So.  Maybe some push-ups and upper body work today.  And maybe some allowing myself to bend and flow with ease and feel the feeling of all being well.  

These days it does not feel like all is well.  In our little cocoon, for now, if I keep my head deep in the sand, it’s okay.  But the extreme weather and extreme news burrow into the bubble and I feel it.  

I’ve vowed that this blog will not get into current affairs, I want to keep it “safe” that way, yet woah.  

I’m gonna keep going.