The Next Day

We didn’t evacuate yesterday, and by late afternoon the Holiday Fire had been 80% contained and there were plans to allow most evacuees home by that evening.   After the last fire here, the Thomas Fire, I was only partly comforted by the containment report.  Contained is not out, especially when there is so. much. wind.  

I remember hearing the Thomas Fire had been contained, and then waking up to hear that overnight the winds had re-ignited it into the beast that ultimately became one of the biggest fires in history.

But our sky, the sky immediately above my head, above my house, was still clear when we went to sleep.  

And when I woke up this morning I didn’t grab for my phone immediately.  And when I did there was no alert.  And I didn’t go to the news.

I got myself some water, made some coffee, got ready for yoga — today I get to go and I will go even though it is quite warm.  

And how grateful am I to have clean drinking water and my morning coffee the way I like it and a home that’s still standing and yoga and my family and friends who still love me even when I am jacked up by fires and sectionals and life?  So grateful.

I’m gonna keep going.