Lazy Busy

So sometimes busy-ness is laziness in disguise for me.  Like there’s important stuff and then there’s just stuff stuff and the just stuff stuff parts can really take over everything if I let them.  And then I never ever have to think about or even feel how my life is going. Daily rituals or practices help keep me focused on what matters to me — my relationship with myself, with others, with my community.  Am I keeping myself in shape to be of service?  To make the world a better place in whatever small or big way, today?

There’s the breathing, the writing, the sitting quietly for a couple of minutes.  The stretching and moving.

And I also have gotten into making a to-do list of the things for the day and re-prioritizing — meaning letting go of whatever I can let go of.  Meaning, reducing that list.  Yes.  

Less is more.  For me.  I can give more when I have time to be where I am, to be with those I’m with, and to be with myself.  It’s not easy being less busy.  But it’s a fuller life than ever, and I’m grateful for it.

I’m gonna keep going.