Kindergarten Grad Day!

I feel like that’s a mic drop statement.  Like what more can I say? How many emotions? All of them.  How much cuteness? All of it. What an effing year these kids have been through.  I’m embarrassed to say that I did ask the teacher if graduation could be just a celebration and not a memorial too.  

She basically said no.  The kids want to do something to honor their fallen classmate at graduation.  It won’t be the focus she assured me.  We’re going to have a simple train balloon, because Pasta loved trains.

Ok.  Ok.  She’s right.  Somehow the kindergartners get that loss and celebration coexist.  That acknowledging those who have not made it does not diminish the joy that they are moving forward.

So there will be some kind of ceremony, then lunch, and then my baby will not be in kinder anymore.  I’m gonna keep going.