The New Standard

So, by the old standard, or the false self standard, or the Evie-my-evil-inner-critic’s standards, I’m falling short — way short.  But my friend Glinda offered me this nugget, “How are you doing according to the new standards?”   The things I care about now, today, being a wife, mom, engaged community-member, healthy and sober person, giving back in the ways important to me today.  Those new standards.

I’m okay on those standards.  None of those standards scoff at my old black leggings or cluttered living room.  None of those standards requires me to be or do or have anything that feels forced, effortful in a bad way, or particularly uncomfortable.  They are in line with my is-ness.

It’s a choice.  What lens am I wearing today? Mine or some outdated model that no longer serves?  If it ever did.  I’m gonna keep going.