Dripping with Gratitude

What if today I spent all day just dripping with gratitude for my life as it is?  The hard parts that don’t kill me that do make me stronger.  They show up to show me something.  And I like to learn, I like to grow, even when it’s hard. And the soft parts, the soft parts are so incredibly soft if I stay open to the wonder of being, of being in this life, this body, this circumstance, now.  

Here I am.  Here we are.  Still.  Even after everything.  Really.  

And I can get better at this part of it too — The appreciating, grateful part of it.  I can accept the good parts better, enjoy them more it seems when I get better at accepting the “bad” parts.  

It’s the same muscle, this taking it in and being with it muscle.  This taking it in, being with it, and letting it pass, knowing it’s all gonna pass on.  I’m gonna pass on.  We all are.  But not yet.  So there’s that.  I’m gonna keep going.


Dear Readers:  I will post again Monday.  Thank you for staying tuned.