I Choose Kindness Today

Just for today, I’m going to be kind to myself and to others — a lot.  Like, more than just my regular not being super-bitchy.   It’s a muscle, this being kind thing, more than civility, politeness, or peaceful coexistence, when I walk around in the world with the intention to put out kindness, and to be open to receiving it, in whatever form, the day is different.  

I see people differently — that person who left their grocery cart near my car instead of returning it is having a rough day, not an unthinking brute.  The sandwich clerk taking phone orders while I’m standing in front of her waiting to place mine is someone’s daughter, doing her best in a new job.  

Even the person curbing their dog on our driveway deserves a smile today.  A full, real smile, not a, “Hi neighbor I’m smiling but I wish you weren’t curbing your dog here,” smile.  And the dog gets a pat too.  I love dogs! 

So that’s my plan for today. Might as well give it a whirl.  I’m gonna keep going.