Gold Shoes, Pink Pedi

If there’s no secret strategy or self-help technique to avoid the one solid truth that we’re all gonna die and everyone we love is gonna die, then I figured I might as well get some new cute shoes and a pedi.  And you know what? I am enjoying them quite a bit.  More than I thought I would.   I told myself they were for Mother’s Day, and Mike was actually there for the shoe purchase so I got to thank him and do our usual I-get-myself-what-I-want-and-credit-him thing which we figured out worked best for us since I’m always happy with the gifts I get, which is the point.

Though I do hang on to some of the things Mike got me in the beginning of our relationship — the way too big, floppy-armed velvet and silk robe, the wire with crystals dolphin sculpture magic wand, and ... well, that’s about it. 

In the beginning, there were not-quite-right scarves, and very sweet but just wrong jewelry attempts too, plus an assortment of camping gear and then finally he decided I was “impossible” to buy for.  Which is true because I am very very particular about pretty much everything.  And I don’t camp.  So we let me do the picking for me, which is perfect.

So thank you Mike — for being the best partner on this journey and for getting me the best gift ever which is getting me.  Plus Ax.  Plus you.  Plus us.  Plus the shoes and the pedi, well done.  Happy Mother’s Day.