What Matters Monday

Monday is a tough day.  There’s weekend drag, a kind of sleepiness/inertia, but also a shot-out-of-a-cannon type of energy, an awareness of all the details to be addressed and a desire to address every single one of them before lunch. And then the overwhelm of that ambition so out of proportion to my energy level.  So my new new plan is to kind of take it a little bit easier on Mondays.  Or at least on this Monday.

I’m going to pay attention to how I feel and give myself the courtesy of being gentle.  What actually needs to happen?  Is there space for a Monday treat?  A bath or an extra five minutes of stretching?  

It’s all going to get done, whatever really needs to get done.  But what is that actually?  How much busy-ness is actually avoidance of higher priority activities?  What matters?  I’m gonna keep going.