Burritos in Bed

Yesterday was day one of The New Schedule and I didn’t want to do any of it.  But I did do it and felt better for it, which I knew I would, or suspected I would, which is why I made the New Schedule in the first place. The New Schedule does not have “Eat burritos in bed while watching Frankie and Grace” on it.  It has times blocked out for Yoga, writing, meetings, snacks, lunch, and more writing.  

Critical admin, adulting, and socializing will happen whether I schedule it or not, so I didn’t bother to schedule it.  

I did not do the schedule perfectly yesterday.  But I did start some non-blog writing, on my computer, while sitting in a chair — As opposed to random idea scrawling on old receipts and napkins while standing in the grocery line or at a red light, and then throwing them out, which has been my practice for the last several years.

I went to Yoga, when almost every part of my being would have preferred to eat a burrito in bed while watching TV.  I gave myself permission to do that, if I really needed to, and then I went and did what I suspected would feel better.  And it did.  Much better.  And there’s still resistance.

And so.  Today is day two of the New Schedule.  I’m gonna keep going.