All In, Gently

I saw Anne Lamott speak the other night.  One of her nuggets Zof wisdom is that the way to write is to spend less time not writing.  And “writing” could mean painting or dancing whatever other thing one is drawn to doing but does not do because of all the time spent doing stuff that isn’t that. It was just what I needed to hear and hated to hear.  I’ve been baffled by the busy-ness of my day to day life while at the same time allowing myself to get pulled into - or rather jumping voluntarily into, chasing - opportunities to do all kinds of things that are not writing.  

Like, “How did this happen that I have no time for something so important to me?”  As if I’m not in charge of my life and how I prioritize and spend my time.

Well I am in charge of my life.  And writing is important to me.  And it’s embarrassing to admit that because ... many reasons.  

But I am admitting it and now I have to do something about it, I mean — I get to do something about it — like make time, do less of something else to do more of that.  

Like I would make space for Ax to do something important to him, building, Karate, collecting rocks.  I’m gonna make space for myself.  I’m gonna brave the logistical frontier where there are always great reasons to not.  I’m going all in on this life, my life, gently.

I’m gonna keep going.