Five Minute Chunks

In my former, former, former life, as a corporate lawyer, I tracked my time in fifteen minute blocks.  Less than five minutes on something didn’t really count, didn’t warrant inputting to the time tracker system, but more than five minutes on something counted as fifteen minutes.  And there was a monetary value assigned to that time.   As a mom, especially in the before leaving for school and before going to bed, I’m measuring our time in five minute chunks.  And they all count.

“Is there time to play before school?”

“If we start playing right now we have ten minutes.”

“Can I watch more show?”

“Five minutes.”

“I’m hungry can I have more food?”

“You can have banana or yogurt or granola.”

“I want pancakes!”

“There isn’t time to make pancakes.  Pancakes this weekend.”


So what’s the point?  The point is that for some reason, this week, I’m feeling time pressure and a desire to create more expansiveness.  Or rather, I’m feeling like I want more time to enjoy all there is to be enjoyed and a call to make room for that.

I set the alarm earlier to wake up earlier, but then I’m waking up sleepy.  And then I notice by late afternoon I’m grouchy tired.

I have no solution.  It is what it is.  I’m gonna keep going.